All Cosmos Bio-Tech Community Investments

ACBT has always concern on the society where we do business. Over the years, we have contributed to many creditable foundations, addressing children’s literacy, deficiency mitigation, and the environment. We are conceited of our offerings, and privileged to have worked with scores of gracious and enthusiastic nation around the humanity who shore up home communities through their job with schools, libraries and community based organizations. As we developed, we have considered how large amount of utmost impact we strive as we alert our altruistic efforts.

Being Attentive To Our Clientele

Ensuring ACBT carry on convey an marvelous occurrence consistently, we assent to our customers distinguish that their opinions significance to us. We toil extremely hard to react to each patron statement aptly in a judicious behavior. There are a number of channels accessible for customers to make available their criticism. They be able to call ACBT’s customer relations at few provience across Malaysia, fill out comment cards from our sales representative, or submit comments online at The remarks we obtained from our customers are communal with employees, management and others as appropriate.

Community Policy & Government Affairs

In all of our efforts, we attempt to fulfill with every relevant laws and regulations, and work comparatively and honestly with government bureaucrat and others in our communities. ACBT’s procedure prohibit workers from offering or making payments or gifts on behalf of the company in order to manipulate government official, or from representing their individual analysis as those of the company.