R&D And Technology

Research and development are lifeline activities of a growing company. R&D are given top priority at All Cosmos. We are one of few companies which has successfully adopted Beneficial Mircoorganisms into the manufacture of Bio-Organic and Bio-Chemical fertilizers.

In fact, All Cosmos is the first company to have applied effective microorganisms’ technology in Malaysia. Apart from its own research efforts, All Cosmos has also collaborated with other organizations such as the Malaysian Oil Palm Board ( MPOB ) and Malaysian Rubber Board to produce EM-based fertilizers. After the success of the MPOB F4 product for oil palm, All Cosmos is currently researching and formulating a 4 in 1 fertilizer for the market.

With this in-depth knowledge on effective microorganisms and having considered its potential and application for future development, All Cosmos has set up a RM7 million exclusive research center at its plant in Johor. This research center was set up in collaboration with University Technology Malaysia (UTM) and will spearhead research into other types of effective microorganisms and variants for application into the food and health sectors. Specifically in the pipeline are effective microorganisms that can be employed for green products, food supplements and enzymes.

We believe that effective microorganisms can play an important role in the promotion of green and environmentally-friendly technologies that are being used in many advanced countries. To this end, we will endeavor to work with corporations locally and overseas to provide specialized technologies and formulas that meet their individual needs.

The increasing move by governments around the world to promote new and safe technologies bode well for effective microorganisms.