Values, Vision & Mission


All Cosmos is a company founded on a set of core values. Throughout our history, All Cosmos has always made an effort to conduct ourselves with Passion for excellent, Professionalism, and Teamwork.

Passion for excellent

We are passionate about the Company, its products and our work. When we work with passion, there is much we can achieve both for the company and for our growth. Passion is the sparks that ignites excellence and strengthen us in the face of adversity.


At All Cosmos, we are all true professionals in our work. We are accountable to the Company’s Board of Directors and shareholders for the responsibilities entrusted to us when we come onboard. We pledge to fulfill our duties and responsibilities diligently and effectively with integrity and honesty.


We aspire to be a catalyst for new economic
opportunities, to improve Malaysia’s ecological status and to become an innovative driving force in the bio-technology industry.


We can only do much on our own. On the other hand, a cohesive team that leverages on individual team members’ professional skills, experience and knowledge and move in the same direction is capable of moving mountains and take the Company to new heights. We cannot have people on our team work against each other to preserve self-interest. This is counter-productive and affects staff morale. We should always have the big picture in mind when resolving work issues and conflicts. We must never lose sight in the fact that we are on the same side.


We strive to be one of the business leaders in
the country and to rapidly grow in the international business arena. We aim to achieve it through the application of advance technology, modern management, good customer services and high quality products.