Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ will guide you and help you to understand our products and services. Should you have any further questions, please contact us.
1. Are ACBT & ACI the same company?
No, All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation (ACBT) was incorporated June 2010 as an investment holding company. Under ACBT is All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd (ACI), a 100% subsidiary incorporated in 1999.
2. Are ACBT/ACI trading houses?
No. We are a manufacturer of fertilizers covering Peninsular and East Malaysia. Our products are also exported overseas.
3. Are RealStrong Fertilizer organic fertilizers?
Our products are more than organic fertilizers. We manufacture Bio-Chemical Fertilizers and Bio-Organic Fertilizers.
4. What is 3 in 1 Bio-Chemical Fertilizer?
3 in 1 Bio Chemical fertilizers are the combination of chemical, organic and microbes. We are working on a 4 in 1 formulation at the moment.
5. Is the organic content in RealStrong fertilizers made from animal waste?
No. Organic contents in RealStrong are from plant waste that have been treated and recycled. These are from cocoa, coffee, rice bran, and palm bunch ash, palm decanter cake, and volcanic ash.
6. RealStrong products contain high levels of chemicals, how can you consider ACBT as one of environmentally-friendly company?
Chemical contents are important for a tree to grow healthily. There is no exact formula as each tree needs different nutrients and ACBT is working hard to achieve a balance between plant needs and preserving the environment. The good news is, our organic content and microbes help to build a new organic culture in the soil. With our products, planters use much less chemicals thus less pollution.
7. What types of crop are RealStrong Fertilizers formulated for?
We have a range of products which are formulated for different types of crops, ranging from oil palm, fruits, vegetables, flowers, paddy and turf. We also tailor produce according to requests.
8. Are field visits chargeable even when no purchases are made?
There is no charge. On top of that we will advice you on the problem you are facing. Our sales representative will do soil test on the pH status as well as checks on your plants’ condition.