Bio-chemical fertilizer consists of three main component, they are microorganisms, organic matter and chemical nutrients. This category is the extension of biofertilizer and organic fertilizer. It remains the function of both fertilizer and fused with chemical component. The chemical component consists of NPK chemicals such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and etc. Some bio-chemical fertilizers may add in micro elements such as magnesium, boron, sulfur, silicon and so forth to fortified soil nutrient. The know-how of producing this fertilizer while maintaining the characters of each component is a major challenge to the industry.


RealStrong Bio-Chemical Compound Fertilizer is a combination of effective micro-organisms, organic and inorganic materials. By working under modern laboratory technology, effective micro-organisms are incorporated into the fertilizer using bio-stabilized technology. This would enhance the retention of the nutritional content of the fertilizers, benefit the quality of the soil in the long-term and also keep beneficial microorganisms active upon applying to the soil.

RealStrong Bio-Chemical Fertilizers has a lot of advantages, including the followings:

Reducing the Loss of Fertilizer:

There are three ways for the loss of fertilizer, including the leaching lost, volatilization, and fixation. RealStrong fertilizers are useful to prevent or avoid the loss of fertilizer nutrients.

Improving the Potential of Crop Production:

Because RealStrong fertilizer high in organic and distinctive microorganism, it provides nutrients in a longer period, it is easy to get the goal of the yield and quality of the crop production. Especially, to those long-term or perennial plants or fruit trees, it can prevent the deficiency of nutrient in the later stage of crop in order to prevent the yield reduction.

Reducing Cost of Production:

The effects of RealStrong fertilizers can stay for longer time, so that it can be employed with longer intervals to reduce cost and manpower of production.

Reducing the Environmental Pollution:

Excessive or inappropriate use of fertilizer could also cause environmental pollution. For example, if there are too much nutrients in the water, it would cause the growth of algae wildly and further influence the quality of water and the ecological balance. RealStrong fertilizer is helpful to the conversation of nutrients and to reduce the lost under the rain and the volatilization from the air. Especially, among the slope and mountain lands, it is more important to pay attention to the environmental pollution caused by washing away of fertilizers.





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