Microbial fertilizer which is non-poison and harmless, contains many biological active microbes cultured and produced by specific Microbe Strain. It doesn’t pollute environment. These specific microorganism can promote the growth of plants by increasing plants nutrition supplies.

Microbial fertilizers are defined as naturally active products or microbial inoculants consist bacteria, algae, fungi or biological compound which may help to benefit of the soil and plants. These fertilizers are not harmful to the environment unlike the chemical fertilizers. It’s originated from plant or animal wastes along with the microbial mixtures.

Microorganisms are used to increase the level of nutrients uptake by the plants and restore biodiversity of the soil. Bio-fertilizers let the plants grow in a healthy environment where it is doing not cause the pollution of any sort.

As for applying the microbial fertilizer, it is fundamental that the function of the microbial fertilizer can be realized only when the plant roots or seeds are fully reached by the microorganisms from the microbial fertilizer, and that it is effective only if the organic matters touch the organic decomposing microorganisms. When applying the microbial fertilizer to the soil, the effect will be seen much sooner if it is mixed with the organic and inorganic nutrients or the attached substance (such as peat).

Often microbial fertilizer doesn't come with any chemical content as it will exterminate off the microbial or lowering down population of microbes available. However, with RealStrong fertilizer, the number of population and CFU count of microbes are always at optimum level. The technology offered by ALL COSMOS INDUSTRIES and our research work from ARIF EFEKTIF with UTM has successfully position us as pioneer in producing bio-fertilizer. Range of product with microbial are MPOB F4, MAX K, MAX Growth, MAX 99, Max 33 & Soil Conditioner.