Bacteria that able to convert nitrogen gas from the atmosphere into nitrous compound accessible by plants are called nitrogen-fixing bacteria. These bacteria are found both in the soil and in symbiotic relationships with plants. Their capability to convert nitrogen into ammonium compound is associated with specific enzymes in the cell. This ability completes the Nitrogen Cycle on Earth and it is believed that 90% of nitrogen fixation occurs through biological method.

Two kinds of nitrogen-fixing bacteria are recognized. The first kind, the free-living (non-symbiotic) bacteria, includes the cyanobacteria (or blue-green algae) Anabaena and Nostoc and genera such as Azotobacter, Beijerinckia, and Clostridium. The second kind comprises the mutualistic (symbiotic) bacteria; examples include Rhizobium, associated with leguminous plants (e.g., various members of the pea family); Frankia, associated with certain dicotyledonous species (actinorhizal plants); and certain Azospirillum species, associated with cereal grasses.

The symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria invade the root hairs of host plants, where they multiply and stimulate formation of root nodules, enlargements of plant cells and bacteria in intimate association. Within the nodules the bacteria convert free nitrogen to ammonia, which the host plant utilizes for its development. To ensure sufficient nodule formation and optimum growth of legumes (e.g., alfalfa, beans, clovers, peas, soybeans), seeds are usually inoculated with commercial cultures of appropriate Rhizobium species, especially in soils poor or lacking in the required bacterium.

Due to the many positive feedbacks obtained for RealStrong fertilizer formulations, All Cosmos Industries have set up and exclusive research center in Malaysia on the different microorganisms in RealStrong fertilizers. RealStrong fertilizers are manufactured based on scientific findings of studies on soil and plant nutrition. Through biotechnology, effective microorganisms are mixed with high quality organic raw materials to produce the right balance of nutrition for plants. All range of RealStrong fertilizer is cover with nitrogen fixing bacteria and range of beneficial microorganisms to enhance tree growth and development progress.

All Cosmos Industries specifically designed RealStrong fertilizers to suit and the best for all crops and soil types. The nitrogen-fixing capability of RealStrong products also help in producing food for crops through photosynthesis. Glucose, proteins, fats and plant sugars are all needed for the plant to carry out essential growth and fruiting processes.

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