Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Conventional Waste Management

Palm oil wastes generated from palm oil industry account for 85.5% of total biomass production in Malaysia. This gigantic amount of palm oil wastes will trigger a tremendous impact to the environment if they are not handled in an appropriate manner. 

The conventional methods of waste treatment and disposal are:

  • EFB – mulching and composting (outdoor method)
  • Decanter cake – dumping in the oil palm plantation
  • POME – pond system, polishing, land discharge, water course discharge
  • Boiler ash – dumping in the oil palm plantation

The above conventional methods of waste treatment and disposal are not environmentally friendly and result in large amount of CH4 and CO2 (methane and carbon dioxide gases) being emitted into the atmosphere. It also encourages the spread of diseases like Ganoderma that is harmful to the plantation.

Sustainable Waste Management

Besides being the expert in producing fertilizers, All Cosmos has started research and development works in utilizing palm oil waste and convert into high value product either with additional nutrient provision or/and bio-control function. We are passionate about delivering a high-quality, cost-effective waste management solution tailored to our customers’ needs.

We had a proven model of transferring technology on biomass management with ESPEK Sdn. Bhd., whereby we successfully convert palm oil waste into high quality bio-fertilizer and further value added with nutrient provision microbes and bio-control microbes in combating Ganoderma disease. 

Importance Of Beneficial Mircoorganisms

Beneficial Mircoorganisms are capable of positively influencing decomposing organic matter such that it reverts into a life promoting process.

Microbes are the oldest form of live on earth. They fix nitrogen from air and soil, its dissolve phosphate and potassium to break down organic material so that they are in the form absorbable by plant roots.

The advantages

RealStrong Bio-Chemical fertilizers offer a host of benefits to various types of plant and soil:

  • Increase crop of production
  • Plants produce more roots
  • Tree trunks and branches become stronger and bigger
  • Soil nutrient increases
  • Increased Oil Extraction Rates (OER) of oil palm
  • Reduce leaching of some nutrients
  • The EM bacteria presents in the fertilizer i.e. the nitrogen-fixing series, phosphorus-acidproducing
    series and yeast group series, help in plant growth and soil structure
  • Increase fruit quality
  • Plants are healthier and more resistant towards pest and diseases
  • Environment-friendly product

Effective Microorganisms (EM) in RealStrong Fertilizers

The species of microorganisms contained in the 3 in 1 fertilizers do the job of fixing N and dissolving P and K. Bacteria and fungus species antagonistic to oil palm Basal Stem Rot (Ganoderma boninense) are being studied. Effective microorganisms contains in RealStrong are as following: