Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Important of Effective Microorganisms

Effective Microorganisms (EM) are capable to positively influencing decomposing organic matter such that it reverts into a life promoting process. Effective Microorganisms are also called EM Technology by the proponents and are used to maintained sustainable practices such as farming and sustainable living and to support human health and hygiene.

Microbes are the oldest form of live on earth. They fix nitrogen from air and soil, its dissolve phosphate and potassium to break down organic material so that they are in the form absorbable by plant roots.

The advantages

RealStrong Bio-Chemical fertilizers offer a host of benefits to various types of plant and soil:

  • Increase crop of production
  • Plants produce more roots
  • Tree trunks and branches become stronger and bigger
  • Soil nutrient increases
  • Increased Oil Extraction Rates (OER) of oil palm
  • Reduce leaching of some nutrients
  • The EM bacteria presents in the fertilizer i.e. the nitrogen-fixing series, phosphorus-acidproducing
    series and yeast group series, help in plant growth and soil structure
  • Increase fruit quality
  • Plants are healthier and more resistant towards pest and diseases
  • Environment-friendly product

Effective Microorganisms (EM) in RealStrong Fertilizers

The species of microorganisms contained in the 3 in 1 fertilizers do the job of fixing N and dissolving P and K. Bacteria and fungus species antagonistic to oil palm Basal Stem Rot (Ganoderma boninense) are being studied. Effective microorganisms contains in RealStrong are as following:

Actinomyces Series

It decomposes protein into amino acid (NH3), and further break down into ammonia, CO2 and H2O. It leaves an alcohol-like secretion that helps to remove smell and to prevent damages done by insects/pests

Growth Factors Producing Bacteria Series

They excrete hormone to stimulate growth

Nitrifying Bacteria Series

Change nitric acid into nitrate for plant absorption

Lactobacillus Series

Strong bactericidal characteristic, inhibit harmful bacteria from reproduction and decompose lignin and cellulose

Nitrogen Fixing Series

Able to convert nitrogen in the air into a form for plant absorption

Phosphoric Acid Releasing Series

Releases organic phosphorus and acts as a catalyst to form inorganic phosphoric for plant absorption

Photosynthetic Bacteria Series

A family of autotrophic microbes which are able to absorb light in the soil for energy, combining the excretion from the roots, organic matters to compose amino acid. The latter contains nucleic acid, nitride and sugar that supplement the crop and microorganisms with nutrients

Yeast Series

The yeast hormone excretion enhances the growth and cell division of the roots. It also benefits the reproduction of the microorganisms