Max Durian

MAX Durian Fertilizer (N: 13, P2O5:3, K2O:21, MgO:2, S:9 + B)

Max Durian is a premium bio-chemical fertilizer specially formulated for durian, vegetable and fruits. Bio-chemical fertilizer is a fertilizer for to-day agriculture. It is chemical materials (N, P, K, Mg, B, TE) combined with organic matter and microbes for long term sustainable crop yields.

Max Durian fertilizer contains high concentration of microorganisms which increase the soil pH, improve soil fertility and help plants to be more resistant to PEST and diseases. It is best suited for all major soil even on hilly and problematic soils.

It contains plant-based matters and provides balanced nutrients for fresh fruit production.

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Eng, Chi, B.M., Others

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