Product Sustainability Practices

We endeavor to gain the confidence of our customers through our experience, expertise and ethical business practices. We also work with farmers, cooperatives, millers and exporters, corporations and companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and public agencies to promote sustainable production practices.

Sustainable Relationships

Sustained relationships are usually mutual in nature. We are committed to develop our relationship with farmers and suppliers for mutual benefit. By collaborating with one another we reap the benefits of sustainable profits and livelihood for everyone.

Sustainable Prices

We are committed to provide high quality products that are available at reasonable cost. We aim to achieve a better cost-to-yield ratio so that farmers can gain higher income. We are confident that our high quality products are helping to lower production cost because of their efficiency.

Investing in Raw Materials Communities

Sustained and uninterrupted production requires smooth and consistent supply sources. It is our objective to have good business relationship with our raw material suppliers. We enter into various long term, dependable associations that provide security of raw material supply so that our production output will not be compromised.

Seeking Continuous Improvement

As a responsible manufacturer, we understand the role we play in the industry and the effects of our effort on long term sustainability, food supply and to a larger extend the economy. We will continually seek to improve our technology and methods and operations so that we will not only be able to produce high quality products but also play a meaningful role in integrating agricultural development with social ( poverty, hunger, disease, natural disasters ) and environmental needs ( pollution, global warming ).

Responsible Raw Materials Sourcing

Raw materials play an important role in many of our products. All Cosmos undertakes sustainable manufacturing practices and treasures trading relations with companies that practice the same ethical, transparent and sustainable values that we subscribe to.

Quality Assurance and Product Recalls

All Cosmos undertakes stringent quality controls and checks in its manufacturing processes. These are broadbased procedures covering raw materials selection and inspection through to manufacturing. To ensure consistent quality of our production, we even created an in-house Product Incident Team involving QA, Audit, Operations to provide extra monitoring of production standards.

These controls, weekly assessments and strict monitoring procedures have resulted in high quality production output that consistently complies with governmental standards as well. Thanks to these practices, no recall of delivery has so far been effected in the history of the company.

Diversity of Suppliers

We support supplier diversity for the simple reason of providing opportunities to traders and business people who have the materials or services we need. This in turn helps us to reduce cost through healthy competition. However, suppliers are also chosen based on their strength and quality of products, professionalism and backup services.