Providing A Conducive Working Environment

We appreciate the contribution of our workforce to the success of our organisation. We will strive to provide a conducive working environment, so as to foster better productivity, healthy development of interpersonal relationships and personal growth.


We encourage the practice of openness in sharing ideas and thoughts among employee in the group. We believe that by encouraging two-way communications, we are able to develop a creative and thinking culture.


We are concerned about the health and well-being of our employees. Our medical/healthcare benefits rank above what the average industry offers.


Remuneration of employees depends on their qualification and experience. We regularly undertake remuneration surveys to determine industry practices. As a global organisation, these surveys help us to determine the appropriate levels of remuneration that help to recruit as well as retain valuable personnel.

Personnel Training and Career Development

To attract and retain personnel, we regularly conduct job training through seminars. These are done through hired industry professionals and inhouse leaders. Training forms part of a structured career development plan for every employee.

Health and Safety

When we classify prospective menaces of damage in offices and production facilities, we develop and put into practice precise feat campaign to eliminate or tone down those risks through changes in blueprint, manufacturing, paraphernalia or resources. We acquire the equivalent concern and exertion to guard employees and clientele from frequent causes of harm such as recurring anxiety, stimulating or collapse. All Cosmos Bio-Tech accentuate colleague responsiveness of our protection standards and whichever prospective jeopardy in the work environment.

Employment Policies

Our workplace policies aggressively encourage equal employment opportunities, and rigorously prohibit discrimination or harassment on the basis of nationality, race, religion, origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, gender identity and expression, or any other basis, as well as any other basis prohibited by state, federal, local and regional laws. Employment opportunities are based on applicants’ experience, leadership qualities and ability to contribute to the organisation. The existing average minimum age of employment at ACBT is 18, even if it may be higher or lower in
some locality as mandatory by local regulations.

Social Concern

ACBT believes in supporting and contributing to the society where we do business. We regularly contribute financially to needy non-governmental organisations and foundations that address children’s literacy and health deficiency issues. We also strongly support issues that relate to the environment.

Priority To Our Clients

We recognise the support of our clients. Priority is given to their needs and enquiries at all times. Our ability to respond in time to customers is one of our strengths. Enquiries can be directed to our office, our sales representatives, regional wholesalers or retailers. You can also write in your comments through our website at

Community Policy & Government Affairs

As a law-abiding corporate citizen and responsible employer, we operate within the framework of the country’s laws. ACBT prohibits employees from offering or making payments or gifts on behalf of the company to the authorities or businesses in order to manipulate or gain advantage.