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Board of Directors

The board of directors of All Cosmos Group is made up of experienced and multi-faceted people with relevant expertise. The task of the board of directors and management is to enhance the Company’s long-term corporate value and improve corporate governance to protect the interests of shareholders and stakeholders. The board also provides strategic management assistance and ensures that the Company adopts and implements planned processes to achieve high standards of integrity, rightness and ethical value.

The Company exercises strict business rules and working principles to highlight management’s strict requirements for the Company’s operating culture and market credit.


The board of directors of All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation is composed of nine directors with rich business or professional and academic experience. We rely on the wealth of knowledge, personal insight and business judgement of our directors. There are four out of nine directors are independent directors: Mr Yang Yung Cheng, he is the partner of MRICPA Certified Public Accountants. Dr. Lee Wen Chuan, he is the owner of Reboot Agricultural Technology. Ms Juan Chiung Hua, she is CPA in Smart CPA firm. Dr. Ho Chia Fang, she is an associated professor in Department of Law at SooChow University.

The number of independent directors has reached one third of all directors.


Under the leadership of Chairman Peng Shih Hao, the board of directors takes its responsibilities seriously and is a “serious, capable and independent” board of directors. According to Chairman Peng’s philosophy of corporate governance, the board’s primary responsibility is supervision. It must monitor the corporate compliance, financial transparency, immediate disclosure of important information, and no internal corruption.

The second responsibility of the board is to guide the operating team. The board of All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation regularly listens to the report of the management team every quarter and spends a lot of time communicate with the management team.  The management team must propose the Company’s strategy to the board of directors. The board must judge the possibility of the successfulness of these strategies. It must constantly review the progress of the strategy and urge the management team to make adjustments if necessary.

The third responsibility of the board is to evaluate the performance of the management team and to appoint and remove managers. All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation maintains smooth and good communication between the management and the board of directors, and is dedicated to implementing the instructions of the board of directors and business operations in order to create the highest benefits for shareholders.

Title Name Education and Professional Qualifications Other Position in The Company 
Chairman Peng, Shih Hao Ph.D., Institute of Wood Science and Technology, University of Putra, Malaysia

Master of Business Administration, Honolulu University, Hawaii
 CEO & Director, ACI

➤ Chairman, SSHF

➤ Director, All Cosmos Investment Ltd.

➤ Director, Grains & Greens Sdn Bhd

➤ Director, Kinabalu Life Sciences Sdn Bhd

➤ Director, Sawit Ecoshield Sdn Bhd

➤ Director, GK Bio International Sdn Bhd

➤ Director, PT All Cosmos Biotek

➤ Director, Cosmos Biowood

Director Lo, Tze Wu Institute of Law, National Chung Hsing University ➤ Weiyang Law Firm Lawyer

➤ Supervisor, Sea Way Technology Co., Ltd.

➤ Person in charge, Sea Way Energy Co., Ltd.

➤ Supervisor, Hong Sheng Co., Ltd.

Director Lim, Tau Boon Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic

Diploma in Industrial Management, Singapore Polytechnic
➤ Director, SSHF

➤ Director, KLSSB

➤ Director, AESB


➤ Vietnam Regional Director, Introco Ltd.

➤ Regional Manager, Dalian and Shanghai, Intraco Ltd.

➤ International Operation Manager, Intraco Ltd.

Director Peng, Chia Lin Shih Hsin College of Journalism and Communication ➤ Director, Clinical Research, Quintiles

Director Peng, Yi Fen Queensborough Community College Assiciate in Science ➤ Senior Manager, ACI

➤ Director, ACI

➤ Director, Cosmos Biowood

Independent Director Yang, Yung Cheng Institute of Law, National Chung Hsing University

Certified Accountant of Higher Examination Accountant
➤ Accountant, Moores Rowland CPAs

➤ Supervisor, Yungchan Construction Co., Ltd.

➤ Supervisor, Dan Jie Construction, Co., Ltd.

➤ Supervisor, Mega Bank

Lee, Wen Chuan Bachelor of Plant Pathology, National Chung Hsing University

Ph.D, Post-Doctoral Research, Department of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University & Post-Doctoral Research, UCLA
➤ Principle, Reboot Agricultural Technology., Ltd.

➤ Consultant, Agricultural Bank of Taiwan

➤ Deputy Chairman, Taiwan Formosa Organic Association

➤ Consultant, Hsin Chu County Local Industry

➤ Consultant, Tze Chiang Foundation

Juan, Chiung Hua Master in Accounting, National Taiwan University

Certified Accountant of Higher Examination

Certified Valuation Analyst

Qualified Lecturer
➤ CPA, Smart CPA Firm

➤ Convener, Professional Education

➤ Committee, CPA Association

➤ Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Soochow University

➤ Independent Director, Gene Touch Corp.

➤ Lecturer, Department of Accounting, National Taipei University of Business

Ho, Chia Fang Ph.D. in Legal Research, Osaka University

Master in Legal Research, Osaka University

Master in Law, Department of Law, National Taipei University
➤ Associate Professor, Department of Law, Soochow University

➤ Executive Director, Japan-Korea

➤ Exchange Committee, Soochow University

➤ Supervisor, Taiwan Society of Health

➤ Supervisor, Taipei Dispute Resolution

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