Bio-Chemical Fertilizers

The oil palm (Elaes guineensis) is a fast expanding crop in the tropics. The plant has many uses: as food, industrial material and energy.

MPOB F4 Premium is formulated based on the nutrient demand to ensure optimum utilization of nutrients to improve soil fertility for oil palm. The formulation is N:11 P2O5:6 K2O:22 MgO:2 and B2O3:0.5 + Organic + 5% Azomite.

RealStrong11-11-11 contains high concentration of NPK and is suggested to use after harvesting to provide balanced nutrients. Bio-chemical fertilizer is a fertilizer for to-day agriculture.

Max Durian is a premium bio-chemical fertilizer specially formulated for durian, vegetable and fruits. Bio-chemical fertilizer is a fertilizer for to-day agriculture.

Bio-chemical fertilizer (15/15/15) is a type of well-balanced fertilizer with high concentration of NPK, also organic matters, trace elements and microbes. It is suitable for plant growth period or for the purpose of strengthening trees Download Brochure

Bio-chemical fertilizer (12/12/17) is specially formulated for oil palm. It can help your crop absorb and benefit from the balanced nutrients in fertilizer. Biochemical organic fertilizer is composed of up to 80% organic materials, which can promote soil fertility through nutrient regeneration and absorption. To get rich oil palm fruit bunches, please use biochemical organic fertilizer (12-12-17) immediately. Download Brochure

Bio-chemical fertilizer (12-6-22) containing a reasonable proportion of NPK, and also organic matters, microbes and trace elements. It is suitable for plants to promote flowering, increase fruit setting and especially in the early fruiting stage. Download Brochure

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